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SL S&F-01
SL S&F-01-0-02
SL smooth coulter
Standard feature

22” Residue coulter fitted on the frame in front of the unit

• Powerful coil spring for excellent penetration
• Sealed SKF Agri Hub
• 560mm Large cutting disc
• Smooth coulter for better cutting

Standard feature

Hydraulic breakaway action

Equalizer’s unique semi-independent tine- and seeding system allows the hydraulically controlled trip-able tine with dampened reset to clear smaller obstacles without disturbing seed placement.

When a large obstacle is encountered the unit as a whole will trip and clear the obstacle to avoid damage to the unit.



Seeds: Field Corn, Soybeans, Canola,Sweet Corn, Popcorn, Edible beans, Sunflowers, Sugarbeets/Onions, Sorghum/Milo, Pumpkins, Peanuts

Number of rows2424
Row Spacing (mm)762914
Main Wheel Track Width (m)33.65
Tractor power required (kW)360360
Frame style3 section front folding frame with vertical tilt
Hitch style2 Point hitch CAT4
Working width (m)18.321.9
Transport width (m)4.84.8
Transport height (m)4.84.8
Seed hopper volume per row (l)7575
Fertilizer hopper total volume (l)3 Bins Total = 6150 (2250|1650|2250) or 4 Bins Total = 7800 (2250|1650|1650|2250) *CAMSO tracks must be taken with 4 Bin option
Unique frame features• Double frame with separate coulter beam for added rigidity.
• Stabilizing wheel to prevent excessive flex.
• Vacuum system integrated in the frame.
• Optional frame mounted auger.
• Frame can be equipped with CAMSO tracks.
• Narrow transport width.


Equalizer’s modular 3 / 4-bin design gives you the flexibility to manage seed and fertilizer combinations, which could consist of mixtures or straights, depending on your farming needs.

Equalizer Precision SLII Hopper seed and fertilizer distribution

Frame mounted hoppers

• Different seed and or fertilizer bin configuration options.

• The Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertilizer.

Unit features

hopper options new
Standard feature

Seed hopper options:

  1. 75L Seed Hopper
  2. Mini Hopper fed from central seed hopper
Equalizer Precision SL Planter down force |
Standard feature

Down force options:

  1. DeltaForce
  2. Quick adjust mechanical down force mechanism
Equalizer Precision Planter closing wheels |
Standard feature

Closing wheel options:

  1. Notched steel closing wheels
  2. Semi-pneumatic wheels with independent toe-out adjustment
Equalizer Precision SL Planter Unit Drive |
Standard feature

Meter drive options:

  1. Precision Planting vDrive (electric meter drive)
  2. Ground drive with cable drive
Equalizer depth adjustment |
Standard feature

Depth adjustment:

Screw for ultra-fine adjustments and relocated for better access on narrower row spacings

Equalizer Precision SL Planter gauge wheel arms |
Standard feature

Recessed gauge wheel arms to reduce unit width

Equalizer Precision SL Planter seed disc |
Standard feature

Seed disc:

• Can be replaced without removing the hub
• Narrower angle for less soil disturbance and Better fuel efficiency

firmers 1
Standard feature

Firmer options:

  1. SmartFirmer
  2. Low Stick Keeton SeedFirmer
Equalizer Min-Till SL II Precision Planter
Standard feature

SL 3-in1 planting unit

  1. In its standard form the SL unit is a minimum tillage unit with a range of shear options for minimal soil disturbance.
  2. The shears can quickly and easily be replaced by a fertilizer coulter, which makes it ideal for no-till or conventional tillage systems.
  3. And just as quickly and easily the entire planting unit can be replaced with a rolling basket changing our SL into a fertilizer pre-plant applicator.
Equalizer Min-Till SL II Precision Planter Shear Options
Fertilizer placement

Shear and coulter options

  1. Straight Knife Point Shear
  2. Knife Point Shear
  3. Aerator Shear
  4. Unit mount coulter

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options

Equalizer Min-Till SL II Precision Planter

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |

Rear Sprayer Arm

Herbicides application with a sprayer nozzle

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |

Rear Liquids Tube

Liquid fertilizer or inoculants placement above seed

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |

Smart firmer or Keeton low stick seed firmer

Liquid fertilizer or liquid inoculants placement on top of seed

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |

Seed boot liquids tube

Liquid fertilizer or inoculants under seed

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |

Micro granular tube

Micro granular placement under seed

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options |
6 & 7

Fertilizer splitter & liquid fertilizer pipe

Granular and or liquid fertilizer placement 45mm next to and under seed

Precision Planting |

Equalizer Planters come factory fitted with world class innovative technologies

Precision Planting 20|20

Provides the most advanced agronomic picture you’ve ever seen

Precision Planting vDrive

Make Each Row of Your Planter its Own Planter

Precision Planting vSet 2

Effortless Meter Accuracy

Precision Planting DeltaForce

Get Downforce Correct On Every Foot Of Every Row

Precision Planting WaveVision

See Seeds, Not Dust 

Precision Planting BullsEye

Longer Seed Tube Life, Better Spacing

Precision Planting RateController

Adjust Liquid Or Granular Product Rates

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