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Seeds: Wheat, barley, canola, soya beans, lupins, etc.

Number of rows3224403252
Row Spacing (mm)228381228381228
Main Wheel Track Width (m)33333
Tractor power required (kW)937212096156
Frame style3 section vertical folding frame
Hitch styleDrawbar for CAT3 (1.5"), CAT4 (2") or CAT5 (2.75") Pin
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)4.2555.75.7
Fertilizer hopper total volume (l)3 Bins Total = 4850 (1550|1650|1650)3 Bins Total = 5550 (2250|1650|1650)
Water ballast volume (l)4th Bin = 1150 (Used as counter weight - Not available for product)4th Bin = 2250 (Used as counter weight - Not available for product)
Unique frame featuresNarrow folding frame for easy transport


S&F distribution for website Final

Frame mounted hoppers

• Different seed and or fertilizer bin configuration options.

• The Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertilizer.

Air distribution technology
Air distribution technology

Metering units: Stainless steel metering units with individual line metering. This means each divider head has its own individual meter roller and there is only one divider head between the row unit and the metering roller which ensures maximum accuracy with an air seeder as eliminates the possibility of variation between sections.

Metering roller: Pintle cog metering roller with a roller cleaning brush system. The roller has no horizontal surfaces therefore there is no chance of building up with fertilizer powder.

Unit features

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder seed brake |
Standard feature

Seed Brake

Exhausts excess air to allow for optimum air- and seed flow for consistent placement. Optimum air flow prevents blockages or seeds from being blown out of the thurrow.

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Hydraulic Downforce Cylinders |
Standard feature

Hydraulic downforce cylinders for superior cutting ability and penetration

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Independent press wheel downforce adjustment with slight lateral movement |
Standard feature

Independent press wheel downforce adjustment with slight lateral movement

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Closing wheels options |
Two press wheel options

  1. Notched steel wheel for all conditions except very soft sandy soils
  2. 70mm Wide semi-pneumatic wheel for soft sandy conditions
Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Depth Adjustment |
Standard feature

Simple depth adjustment with fine increments

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Seed tab |
Standard feature

Seed tab to prevent seed bounce

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Heavy Duty gauge wheel |
Standard feature

Heavy duty gauge wheel

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Quick seed tube adjustment |
Standard feature

Quick seed tube adjustment for longer disc utilization

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder seed disc |
Standard feature

457mm Opening Disc

5mm thick for a prolonged wear life

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Single Row Cleaner |

Single row cleaner

Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder Seed Firming Wheel |

Seed firming wheel for constant seed and fertilizer depth

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