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We are a leader in the of agricultural implements.

We are a leader in the

of agricultural implements.

In excess of 60 dealers across Australia, Moldova, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia.

Production plant covering 9300 square meters under roof.

Metering unit exported to Canada and the UK for use by other manufacturers.

Precision Planting |

Equalizer planters come factory fitted with Precision Planting seed metering units.


Equalizer is a member of SSAB’s My Inner Strenx® program.

Online Parts Manual for full product range.

Producing world class seeding and planting machines for the past 21 years, specializing in larger / wider equipment.

Equalizer was founded by a farmer in the year 2000.


Gideon Schreuder

Managing Director

Nicholas Davies

Production Director

Theodore Turner

Systems Director

Paul Swart

Financial Director

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