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Both our planters, offer you the latest technology from Precision Planting.
By incorporating the Precision Planting seed metering and control system into our planters, we are able to provide producers with the best technology in the world, combined with the…


Equalizer, the leading manufacturer of planting and seeding equipment in South Africa has a vacancy for a marketer in the Western Cape that is technically strong. The ideal candidate has experience in the Western Cape agricultural market and it…

The crucial role of women in African agriculture

The greatest challenges of the 21st century are the increasing demand on food, water and energy from a growing population, and climate change. Agriculture and smallholders are central to both, perhaps nowhere more so than in Africa.
Therefore, opportunities…

Keep fertilizer away from canola seed

Warning lights flicker when the application of fertilizer is too close to canola seed during the planting process.

This comment stems from experience with Equalizer’s new Disc Seeder in which canola seed, lucerne seed and fertilizer were placed in the…