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How to prevent getting a lady’s Rebound chap | the Urban Dater

A rebound man is an individual who unintentionally fulfills a gap in a lady’s love life, right after she breaks up with another guy she cares pertaining to. Being a rebound man is actually hard, while the girl you are internet dating continues to have emotions for someone else, and containsn’t shifted adequately after a breakup to support a fresh union.

Most likely, you happen to be headed for heartbreak should you decide turn into a gap-filler for a woman with mental baggage. But there are ways you are able to identify the symptoms that acquiring major with a lady might possibly be a mistake, if she only wants you as the woman rebound man.

Conversation killer

Any time you date a lady and she regularly talks about the woman ex, you have to generate a quick exit. Whenever a female nevertheless feels strong connections with a former partner, it’s most likely that she defintely won’t be in a position to forgo the urge to carry him into every dialogue.


It’s fine for a woman for a certain amount of items which indicate the woman previous connection inside her residence. However, if this lady has a prominent photograph of by herself with her ex on show, beware. Alike does work if she continues to hold an image of the woman former spouse in her own handbag, or helps to keep a cuddly gentle doll the girl ex gave their on her pillow.


When the woman you will be matchmaking insists on going out in places she knows the lady ex frequents, think about this as an indicator that she desires to take close proximity to him. You may be only there to create performing this much less difficult, or perhaps to manufacture him envious.

Not enough interest

When a female who lately had a breakup dates you, but never ever bothers to inquire of you questions about your self or attempts to get to know you as a specific, chances are that she’s nevertheless yearning on her ex. A female who’s willing to date you will be interested in you.

Personal cues

When you’re on a date with a lady and her buddies hold inquiring her exactly how the woman ex is actually, it’s most likely that this lady hasn’t informed them that the lady along with her ex are no much longer with each other, and you have to inquire of your self precisely why this really is. Would it be that she expectations that they can be reunited? Furthermore, if a female does not correct the woman friends once they discuss the girl along with her ex as though these people were however a product, this is an indication that this woman isn’t prepared to date you but.

Becoming a lady’s rebound guy isn’t any enjoyable. It is simpler to learn that the girl you might be internet dating still has emotions for her ex when you get severe. If she’s its advisable to not ever get “in too deep”.

Attempt broadening your really love interest by boosting your own circle of buddies, a great starting place are activities such rate internet dating or locating new buddies online (you will find
quite a few resources
nowadays to simply help).

Looking for the symptoms discussed may help you do not be a part-time love, as opposed to a permanent fixture in a lady’s life.

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