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On-frame hopper

Suitable for liquid or granular fertilizer

Vacuum system integrated in the frame

Double frame design

With separate coulter beam for added rigidity

Row Spacing Available

700mm / 762mm / 914mm

Optional frame mounted auger

Units factory fitted with high quality SKF bearings

Improve productivity.   Reduce maintenance costs.   Long term reliability.   Replace quickly and easily.

Modular 3-bin design

Equalizer’s modular 3-bin design gives you the flexibility to manage seed and fertilizer combinations, which could consist of mixtures or straights, depending on your farming needs.

S&F distribution for website-01

Frame mounted hoppers

• Different seed and or fertilizer bin configuration options.

• The Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertilizer.



• Seed and fertilizer is delivered to the units through an Equalizer Hopper with self-cleaning metering technology for unequaled accuracy and consistency.
• Any type of seed or granular fertilizer can be measured by rotational speed setting on the Zeromax drive only. No need for roller or gear changes!
• Large user friendly gauges are easily visible displaying key system pressures.
• The Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertilizer.

Unit Features

seed bin web
Seed Distribution Option 1

75L Seed hopper

mini hopper
Seed Distribution Option 2

Mini hopper fed from central seed hopper

depth adjustment gen 2
Standard feature

Depth Adjustment

• Screw for ultra-fine adjustments
• Relocated for better access on narrower row spacings

Standard feature

Notched steel closing wheels or semi-pneumatic wheels

With independent toe-out adjustment

VDrive |
Meter Drive Option 1

Electric Drive with Precision Planting vDrive

SL cable drive_small
Meter Drive Option 2

Ground drive with cable drive

quick adjust mechanical down force mechanism_small
Standard feature

Quick adjust mechanical down force mechanism

features SL19032020_2_small
Standard feature

Seed disc

• Can be replaced without removing the hub
• Narrower angle for less soil disturbance and better fuel efficiency

Gauge wheels 2
Standard feature

Recessed gauge wheel arms to reduce unit width

firming wheel_small

Spring loaded firming wheel or firmer options

SL preplant.169_xsmall

Pre-plant attachment with rolling basket

Seed and fertilizer placement

SL S&F-01
SL smooth coulter
Standard feature

22” Residue coulter fitted on the frame in front of the unit

• Powerful coil spring for excellent penetration
• Sealed SKF Agri Hub
• 560mm Large cutting disc
• Smooth coulter for better cutting

SL S&F-01-0-02
Fertilizer placement

Shear and coulter options

SL trip-01
Standard feature

Hydraulic breakaway action

Equalizer’s unique semi-independent tine- and seeding system allows the hydraulically controlled trip-able tine with dampened reset to clear smaller obstacles without disturbing seed placement.

When a large obstacle is encountered the unit as a whole will trip and clear the obstacle to avoid damage to the unit.

Fertilizer, micro granular, inoculants and herbicide application options

SL options_low res

Asset 521

Rear Sprayer Arm

Herbicides application with a sprayer nozzle

Asset 531

Rear Liquids Tube

Liquid fertilizer or inoculants placement above seed

Asset 541

Smart firmer or Keeton low stick seed firmer

Liquid fertilizer or liquid inoculants placement on top of seed

Asset 551

Seed boot liquids tube

Liquid fertilizer or inoculants under seed

Asset 561

Micro granular tube

Micro granular placement under seed

Asset 571
6 & 7

Fertilizer splitter & liquid fertilizer pipe

Granular and or liquid fertilizer placement 45mm next to and under seed

PP Logo

Equalizer Planters come factory fitted with world class innovative technologies

Precision Planting 20|20 SeedSense

Provides the most advanced agronomic picture you’ve ever seen

Precision Planting vDrive

Make Each Row of Your Planter its Own Planter

Precision Planting vSet 2

Effortless Meter Accuracy

Precision Planting DeltaForce

Get Downforce Correct On Every Foot Of Every Row

Precision Planting SmartFirmer

See Inside the Soil

Precision Planting vApplyHD

Accurate Liquid Control Made Simple

Precision Planting SpeedTube

Get Your Crop Planted in the Ideal Window


Seeds: Field Corn, Soybeans, Canola,Sweet Corn, Popcorn, Edible beans, Sunflowers, Sugarbeets/Onions, Sorghum/Milo, Pumpkins, Peanuts

SL 6-12SL 6-762SL 6-914SL 8-700SL 8-762SL 8-914SL 10-762SL 12-762SL 12-914
Number of rows66888101212
Row Spacing (mm)762914700762914762762914
Main Wheel Track Width (m)33.652.83.0483.653.0483.0483.65
Tractor power required (kW)9090120120120150180180
Frame styleFixed frame3 section vertical folding frame
Hitch styleDrawbar for CAT3 (1.5")Drawbar with hardend insert for CAT3 (1.5") or CAT4(2") or CAT5(2.75") Pin
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Seed hopper volume per row (l)7575757575757575
Fertilizer hopper total volume (l)3 Bins Total = 4750 (1550|1650|1550) or 2 Bins Total = 4500 (2550|2550)3 Bins Total = 6150 (2250|1650|2250)
Unique frame featuresDouble frame with separate coulter beam for added rigidity

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