The Equalizer No-Till Disc Seeder is the perfect asset for small grain producers to reap the benefits of conservation tillage. This single pass implement is equipped with Equalizer’s No-Till Disc units, renowned for its efficient and practical design.

Brochure available for download here

No-Till Disc Seeder Concept

  1. Depth adjustment clip: The simple 10 position depth adjustment is quick and easy to use
  2. Hydraulic downforce control on unit
  3. Seed firming wheel for constant seed and fertiliser depth
  4. Quick seed tube adjustment for prolonged disc life
  5. Powder coating finish
  6. Press/gauge wheel allows for slight lateral swing


Air Distribution technology

  • Seed and fertiliser is delivered to the tine units through an Equalizer SCR™ Hopper with self-cleaning metering technology for unequaled accuracy and consistency.
  • Any type of seed or fertiliser can be measured by rotational speed setting on the Zeromax drive only. No need for roller changes!
  • Large user friendly gauges are easily visible displaying key system pressures.
  • The Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertiliser.



Brochure available for download here