Ideal for row-crop farmers who apply No-Till/Min-Till farming practices with maximum efficiency and accuracy. Two models have been developed to offer the farmer the proven benefits of both wide frame and min-till agricultural systems.

Brochure for download available here

4 & 6 Row Brochure available for download here

SL Concept


  1. Precision Planting® vDrive (Electric Drive) or
    Precision Planting® vSet 2 Meter with Cable Drive
  2. Open spoke depth gauge wheels mounted on trailing arms.
  3. Double disc seed opener
  4. Single row cleaner
  5. Shear options
  6. Hydraulic tripforce and downforce control on tine and unit
  7. Easy quick depth adjustment clip
  8. Closing wheels with adjustable down force setting
  9. 70 litre seed bin or central seed mini hopper
  10. Double row cleaner (optional)
  11. Powder coating finish

Optional Equipment


  • All units can be fitted with double row cleaners
  • PTO driven pump for fan hydraulics
  • Frame mounted Equalizer auger
  • Sprayer system with tank
  1. Quick depth setting: Easy 35mm increment adjustment on the tine
  2. Double fertiliser coulter option to replace tine
  3. Hydraulic trip control & downward force control on planter tine & unit
  4. Hydraulic tine trip action

Features of the SL Planter

  • Number of rows range from 4 to 20 rows
  • 762mm or 914mm row spacing available
  • Separate tanks are available for different applications
  • Vertical folding system for transport
  • Floatation tyres to minimise soil compaction and rolling resistance
  • Double V coulter assembly for fertiliser placement
  • Four types of tine points/sheers are available
  • All frames are fitted 560mm coulter discs with SKF Agri Hub bearings
  • The vacuum system utilises the tubular machine frame to minimise external pipes and maintenance

Seed Metering


  1. Precision Planting® vDrive (Electric Drive) for swath control and variable rate application
  2. Precision Planting® vSet 2 Meter with Cable Drive

20/20 SeedSense monitoring system

SCR (Air) Distribution Technology


  1. Polyethylene tanks are suitable for liquid as well as granular fertilizer
  2. Self-cleaning metering unit with Zeromax gearbox or hydraulic motor drive for variable rate application



Brochure available for download here

4 & 6 Row Brochure available for download here