Tow-Between / Tow-Behind


This new single-operator system is set to be a game changer in the world of Air Carts.
• Equipped with a bubble auger inside each tank, this cart will do the work for you: Filling each tank to capacity, every time
• Without complicated lids and platforms, this is the safest, fastest and most user-friendly Air Cart available. The loading height is a mere 1,6m from the ground. [International Patent Rights Pending # 1706279.5]

Brochure available for download here

Air Cart Concept

1. Equalizer self-cleaning 8-outlet metering unit per bin

2. Digi-Star scales per bin

3. Compatible with Greenstar, Topcon and other major control systems
Optional: Can be factory fitted with Mueller ISOBUS control system

4. Auto Load System: Bubble auger inside each tank which automatically fills the tank to capacity. This system was developed to allow a single operator to fill the Air-Cart in less time than 2 operators would fill a traditional Air Cart.
[International Patent Rights Pending # 1706279.5]

5. Optional: Hydraulic side-mounted auger

6. Optional: 2nd fan for double shoot distribution

7. 6000 litre or 4000 litre bins, depending on bin

8. Hydraulic parking jack

9. Optional: 3-Point linkage



Brochure available for download here